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For Those Who Want To Protect Their Health...


 From Toxins  

Did You Know That You Can Improve Your Health By Reducing Toxin Exposures Around You?

You wouldn’t knowingly expose yourself, or your family, to things that could inflame your lungs, harm your brain cells or damage your kidneys…

…or perhaps, most horrifying of all, increase your risk of cancer.


Would you? 


Of course not.

But that’s how many people live, day by day, year after year.

Knowing that hidden toxins can compromise your health, should prompt you to take necessary action to find out, and reduce, your risks.

Do you fall into any of these categories?

You, or a family member, have a medical condition that has a known association with environmental toxins, such as …

You, or a family member, have a medical condition that has a known association with environmental toxins, such as …

  • Cancer

  • Asthma

  • COPD

  • Alzheimer’s disease

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Autism

  • Chronic kidney or liver disease

  • And any unexplained condition

…then you should know that toxins can cause disease, exacerbate pre-existing disease or create unexplained clinical conundrums.

Did you know that many people die of complications of chronic kidney disease, that they weren’t aware that they had? 


A third of those with it have no symptoms.  Your kidneys are so important, as one of your main detoxification organs, and you should know how to protect it from toxins.

Have you heard of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease? 


Probably not.  It starts in the 30s and 40s and has caused many to lose their independence and income potential at a young age. 


And yes, Alzheimer’s disease is associated with pesticides, toxic metals, industrial chemicals, and air pollutants that most people are not aware of, and not aware of the cellular damage they cause, or know how to avoid them.


There are no routine medical screenings for many of these toxins, and as a result, they go undetected. 


Surprisingly, many health care professionals do not consider environmental etiologies.


Furthermore, I don’t know why so many people live with chronic aches and pains, severe nasal congestion, weakness, fatigue and other symptoms, as a part of “life” when these may be preventable.


Unless you start looking into these environmental influences, you’ll keep putting yourself and your family at risk of developing serious health problems.  Start now because for some, it may already be too late.

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You Want a Healthier Lifestyle and a Better Quality of Life

You are aware of the importance of good nutrition and hygiene, plenty of water, sleep and exercise, and the benefit of positive thinking.

Most would consider you to be very knowledgeable.


You shop at selective stores and use high quality products because you are picky about what you put in, and on, your body.


You want to be fully functional at all times and will do what it takes to maintain all your faculties for a long time.


You prefer to live a natural existence and opt for natural solutions.

You probably spend time in nature, and care about the planet and future generations. 


To sum it up, you love life and love yourself, and just want the best for yourself and your loved ones.


How do I know? 


I am a lot like you.


You may even already be eco-friendly, but you there’s a lot of environmental risks out there that you don’t know about, or where they are, or how to reduce or avoid them.


Let’s find out now and get started, because healthy people take extra steps to protect themselves.

You’re Having a Baby or Raising a Child

Just like all parents, you want a healthy baby who’ll grow up to become a healthy child and successful adult.

You went to all your doctor visits, did everything that was recommended and avoided bad habits.


Now, you’re not sure what to feed your child after reading reports about baby foods and juices containing arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.


You’re not a toxicologist, but you know enough to want to preserve your baby’s developing brain and other organs, and protect their overall health.


You’ve probably questioned, why are so many children on ADHD medications? 


Or receiving special education services?

Or why so many children need breathing treatments every time they catch a cold or when the weather changes. 


Unfortunately, asthma is becoming the new normal, for many.

section 3.jpg

There’s more…

We’ve all heard about the ongoing rise of autism in the U.S., affecting 1 in 59 children.


And that more children are having behavior problems, especially at school.


Sure, there are many factors that contribute to these conditions, but also know that environmental toxins are one of the main root causes, and the least explored.

Furthermore, the World Health Organization stated that reducing environmental risks could prevent 1 in 4 child deaths.


If you want to preserve your child’s health and well-being, it takes more than being a good mother or father. 

You have to actively take steps at prevention and intervene early.

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asthma adhd.jpg
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You’re a Home Owner or Buyer

You want to improve the quality of your home because you care. 


Maybe you’ve heard of sick building syndrome, or realize that you have certain health symptoms only when at home.


You’re buying a new home and want to do more than what’s required in the routine home inspection.


And you want to rest assured knowing that your house is a home, that is safe for you and your family. 


This safety includes your air quality, water quality, home furnishings and lifestyle.

The fact that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer

…and most houses are only screened during the buying process

…and most apartments are never screened

…despite the Surgeon General’s recommendation for annual screening

Is proof that most environmental risks commonly go undetected.

Also, the fact that formaldehyde is used to preserve wood furniture

…and under hot, humid conditions it can off-gas into the air

…and can be inhaled by you and your household

…and is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing chemical)


Is another proof that most people are not aware of hidden environmental toxins that exist around them.


You may also be curious about the quality of your neighborhood, and if you live near a pollution source. 


Or you’d like peace of mind knowing that there are none.


However, if you’re like most people, there’s no easy way to find out this information, or know where to start. 


It’s easier to assume that everything is fine, and most people don’t want “no bad news.” 


So, they do nothing. 

Take Action Today and Get Peace of Mind!

If you’re in charge of protecting your household, you should take action now, rather than waiting and later regretting that you didn’t.

You deserve to live in healthy body, in a safe home and a safe neighborhood. Your family would be so happy and proud.

There are basically two ways you can address the issue.




On your own,


you can find out all the environmental risks that exist around you,


decipher through misinformation and fake news,

research the health impacts of those risks,


and then figure out what to do.

Your second option
is to reach out to an experienced professional,
such as myself,
who can streamline the process for you.
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Who Am I Anyway? And Why Should You Listen To Me?

who am i .jpg

 My name is Yolanda Whyte 

As a pediatrician, I’ve literally helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people and families just like you, who are concerned about their health, go to the doctor, and want to know what else they can do. 


One major difference I found between people who were in good health vs. bad health was



such as this.

In practice, there was never enough time, and no structured format, to provide a comprehensive environmental health screening and assessment and give recommendations.

Furthermore, whenever I met someone with an environmental-related chronic condition, they typically blamed their age, gender, family history, or bad luck,


....but never did they ever consider the environmental contributors or solutions that could make a significant improvement in the quality of their life.

Should you decide to work with me, you can benefit from my years of experience, which also includes advocacy and providing expert medical testimony. 


So, I can help you to develop a strategy on a larger scale, if needed. 

Here’s How I Can Help You…

Environmental Health Consultation

Schedule now, to receive your

  • Risk screening questionnaire

  • Environmental health assessment

  • Recommendations to help you live a more eco-healthy lifestyle

One More Important Thing…

The information and recommendations I provide are comprehensive and evidence-based.

The interventions are practical, effective, accessible, and most are low cost. This is the huge benefit of working with someone who is frugal and stays updated with current information.

My solutions are designed to have a sustained, wide-reaching impact to benefit you and your loved ones for years to come.

Lastly, who else is offering this solution? 


I’ve checked around, saw what’s out there, and decided to give the people what they need.

Since you’ve read this far, you know what you need to do.



*Disclaimer: This is an environmental health consultation and coaching service only.  I do not provide examinations, diagnoses, labs, referrals, prescriptions or other medical services.  My recommendations do not substitute for the medical advice given by your physician or other health care provider.

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