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Global Health on a Sick Planet

University of Iowa: Energy and Global Health on a Sick Planet

Dr. Yolanda Whyte has been practicing primary care pediatrics for 7 years.  She began her career as Director of Pediatrics at a rural community hospital, and contracts with other pediatricians throughout the state of Georgia and Indian Health Service.  Her most rewarding experiences have been on medical mission trips to Ghana, Vietnam, Guyana, Jamaica and Haiti.

Dr. Whyte’s expertise is in environmental health and advocacy, where she lobbies and provides medical testimony to politicians and other policymakers on air pollution, water quality, food quality and safe chemicals. She serves as a medical consultant to a number of environmental health organizations.

Dr. Whyte earned a B.S. in Biology at Howard University.  She earned her medical degree at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison.  At present, she is a member of American Academy of Pediatrics including their Council on Environmental Health, Physicians for Social Responsibility, National Medical Association and Medical Association of Atlanta.

October 6, 2012


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