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Fluoride-Year 2012 Review

Fluoridation, the addition of fluoride chemicals into public water supplies, began 68 years ago promising to eradicate tooth decay, lower dental bills, and put dentists out of business.

Instead, tooth decay rates and dental bills are rising, more dental professionals were created, more dental schools opened, both fluoridated dental products and tooth decay have become multi-billion dollar international industries. And fluoride-overdose, dental fluorosis, is the new epidemic facing America’s children, along with UNtreated tooth decay.

The following fluoride-related stories occurred in 2012 adding to the alarming body of evidence proving fluoridation is not safe, not effective and not wanted:

— Wichita Kansas voters Rejected Fluoridation, 60% to 40% despite a well-funded, stealth lobbying campaign by fluoridationists.

— Portland, Oregon residents halted the ill-advised, secretly-planned fluoridation mandate after collecting over 40,000 valid petition signatures in one  month to force a May 2013 referendum instead (Portlanders defeated fluoridation in 2013)

— Windsor, Ontario, Canada stopped 51 years of fluoridation.  The number of people drinking fluoridated water in Canada has dropped by about 25% since 2008.

June 5, 2013


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