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Sign-on letter to EPA Administrator McCarthy: Methane Emissions

In January, the administration took an important step by committing to a suite of actions to reduce harmful methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, the largest industrial source of this pollution. It is urgent that EPA take immediate protective action for the health of our communities and families. As EPA moves forward with the initial step that the administration announced, we urge the agency to propose strong standards this summer to minimize methane pollution from new and modified sources in the oil and gas industry and also provide a solid foundation for required standards reducing methane emissions from a broad range of existing sources. Comprehensive and rigorous methane standards covering, at a minimum, the sources currently subject to VOC standards as well as those examined in the five 2014 EPA white papers will deliver important public health and environmental benefits. Effective curbs on methane emissions from new, modified, and existing sources are critical to provide much needed clean air protections to local communities, to meet EPA

May 20, 2015


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