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Tomorrow’s health begins with today’s children

  1. Doctor: Tomorrow’s health begins with today’s children — Local audience gets tips on how to create a healthier environmentMUSCATINE, Iowa — Did you know the average person in the U.S., through years of exposures to chemicals and other harmful agents, has 200 toxins in their blood?

  2. That was just one of the many statistics presented by a pediatrician who wants to help create a healthier environment.

  3. On Sunday afternoon, Clean Air Muscatine and the Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility sponsored a visit from Dr. Yolanda Whyte of Atlanta,  Ga., who gave a presentation titled, “Creating a Healthy Environment.” The presentation, held at Musser Public Library, focused on statistics and how communities can improve their health, especially for children.

  4. Clean Air Muscatine is a local advocacy group whose mission is to help  improve the environment and promote environmental awareness.

October 9, 2012


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