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 For Parents And Caregivers 

Raising Children With Special Needs

So many have thanked me for my guidance that helped them improve their child’s quality of life at home and school. Now I’d like to offer you a chance to personally work with me to assess your child’s needs, and enrich many aspects of their life


 Does This Sound Like You? 


"It feels like I was thrown into a new world, with a different language, different expectations. I don’t understand what should I do, and I really need help."

"I feel guilty about my child’s condition. I can’t stop blaming myself for the life that my child has to go into. I wish I could have someone in my corner who can give me advice.​"


"I have stayed home and cared for my child for a long time. It makes me feel so lonely and I wish I have someone who can go along with me through all this."

"I feel like I’ve given the best for my child. But it still feels like I need more support to help them reach their goals and milestones.  I’m interested in the most natural solutions."

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 You’re Not Alone 

Are these parents any different from you?

No, they are not.

They too, have gone to healthcare professionals, therapists and recommended programs,

but want to know what other options are available.

That’s until they’ve discovered my services.

If you are facing difficulties in caring for the special needs of your child at home, school or elsewhere, chances are I can help.

Right now, you might be experiencing significant distress at not understanding why your child is struggling,

when you are fine, in good health, have no risk factors,

and have done everything you could to have a healthy baby.

You might be wondering what you can do to give the best for your child, and where you should start.

Once we start working together, we’ll eliminate all the guesswork,

and I’ll assess your child’s needs from a larger perspective

and use research, studies, reports, policies and other information

to provide comprehensive guidance to help you and to enrich your little one’s life.

you're not alone
Rolling Dough

Being A Parent Has Never Been Easy

I know you’re probably faced with other challenges.

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with parents who were in the same situation that you’re experiencing today. They needed expert advice they can actually trust.

The vast majority of them felt:

  • Confused about the best way to provide the care that their child needed

  • Overwhelmed with so much information they have to learn, they couldn’t fully understand what to do

  • Guilty because their friends, family and neighbors have “normal” children

Well, this isn’t surprising.

I’ve been in this industry for a long time.

I'm also aware that when some see a child with ADHD, autism, learning, behavioral or a mental health issue, they may shift to a “blame the parents” mode… whether it’s relevant or not.


But I can assure you that…

It's not your fault!

I know you’ve done all the right things to have a healthy baby.

I know you’ve read the latest books and blogs, and taken advice from the wisest people you know.

The truth is, the root cause could be hidden environmental risks that you may not be aware of.

That’s right.

I’m talking about the pollutants in the air, water, food, consumer products or your home that you can’t see, smell, hear or taste.

Did you know that according to a Healthy Babies, Bright Futures report, 95% of baby foods from 65 brands were contained one or more toxic metals?

And that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 6 children have a developmental disability.

Also, that the Department of Education has reported an increasing number of children receiving special education services.

There’s a very good reason why I’m telling you all this.

It's not yur fault

You see, aside from working with parents,

I’m also someone who advocates on behalf of children,

teaching others about how children are harmed by environmental toxins,

and try to change our laws and policies to protect them

– an environmental health expert, if you will.

In recent decades, I’ve seen a rising number of children with cancer, autism, asthma, developmental, and other health issues that are environmentally-related.

I’ve also reviewed an increasing number of bio-monitoring studies and reports of heavy metals detected in urine, blood and umbilical cord blood.

From what I’ve learned, the causes are multifactorial, and oftentimes, remain unknown.

Again, it’s not your fault.

Most people aren’t aware of all the enrichments, protections and resources that exist all around them

and some choose not use them, not understanding the value, and  accepting the current conditions and their child’s condition.

“So, what do I need to do?” you might ask.

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I can help to you ease your burden and that of your child.

Starting today.

Here’s How I Can Help You…

how canI help you

Special Needs Consultation

Let's understand your child's special physical, health, mental and social needs with a consultation that includes:

  • A special needs questionnaire

  • A comprehensive assessment

  • A thorough set of recommendations

One More Important Thing…

I want you to know that early intervention gets the best results.

You know, it’s better to take the necessary action soon,

rather than wait for your child to grow out of it or assume it is just a phase.

The solutions I offer are practical, convenient, usually affordable, efficient and evidence-based.


Together, we can improve your child’s quality of life,

and soon…

you’ll feel that sense of calm set in.

I’d love to assist you on your journey.

So take action now.

*Disclaimer: This is a special needs consultation and coaching service only. I do not provide examinations, diagnoses, labs, referrals, prescriptions or other medical services. My recommendations do not substitute for the medical advice given by your physician or other health care provider.

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