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Pediatric Consultations

Childhood is the most important period of our lives, and I am passionate about providing thorough, comprehensive medical care to babies, children and adolescents.


I work with parents to support the growth and development of their child, providing them with guidance on physical health, nutrition, safety and oral care to support optimal health until and throughout adulthood.

Environmental Health Services

Environmental Reports

Environmental toxins are a known, but hidden pathway to disease. Find out what they are, where they are, how your health is affected, and most importantly, how to protect yourself.  Here are the environmental services that I offer.

  1. Environmental Health Risk Screening & Assessment

  2. Environmental Health Consultation

  3. Environmental Health Coaching

  4. Environmental Health Programs


Start by completing an Environmental Health Risk Screening & Assessment.  

Watering Plants

Special Needs Consultation and Coaching

Super Hero Kids

My services are all focused on thoroughly assessing your child’s needs from a larger perspective using research, studies, reports, and policies to give you comprehensive guidance and helpful resources.


The report, consultation, and coaching services I offer are detailed, thorough, and comprehensive. 


My recommendations are practical, effective, accessible, and most are low cost. Improvements to your child’s and your life are dependent on you following the recommendations and taking advantage of the coaching program if ongoing support is needed.


My end goal is to offer you nonpharmaceutical options, advocacy, and support detailed to your child’s needs.

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