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I am Dr. Yolanda Whyte.  I use coaching, consulting, and public speaking to help you to improve your health by reducing your toxin burden, strengthening your immunity and understanding the process.  


The world around us has become less safe than ever – but not in the ways you might think. Many medical professionals, including myself, now see environmental pollution as the #1 threat to public health. From heavy metals to industrial chemicals, there is little protecting us from pollutants and toxins, and many are getting sick as a result, especially children. 

There is hope, however. 

It starts with you becoming informed about pollution threats around you, including the hidden ones.  Then understanding the many ways you are affected, and knowing how you're going to take action to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  You deserve to breathe fresh air, drink and bathe in clear, clean water, use safe products, eat nutrient-rich foods and live in a safe neighborhood. 

Simple changes, that you may not know about can make a huge difference in your life, especially the lives of children, who I am committed to serving and prioritizing their medical needs and special needs.    


Furthermore, through advocacy, we can support officials and businesses that are committed to protecting our health, safety, environment, education, and children.

Healthy people take extra steps to protect themselves.  Let’s take action. Together. 



Childhood is the most important period of our lives, and I am passionate about providing thorough, comprehensive medical care to children. Through private contracts with other physicians and healthcare institutions, we can support the growth and development of our most precious resources while also tending to their nutrition, safety, acute and chronic health care needs, and physical health. 


We all need to be aware of the quality of our air, food, water, and consumer products. We also need to learn how toxins affect our health and what we can do to avoid them. I can show you how to take a proactive approach to protect yourself from these hidden threats, as well as how to advocate for your community and family. 


Having a child with learning, developmental, behavioral problems, or a chronic health condition can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it alone. There are many resources and strategies that are underutilized.  I can assess your child’s comprehensive needs and provide expert guidance, resources, and other support . 


  • Toxins Are Already Attacking Us
    Chemicals and toxins are found in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the consumer products we use every day, and there are few laws in place to protect us. As humans, our life, liberty, and happiness depend on our being protected from these harmful toxins. Still, studies of our blood and urine show that the majority of us are already exposed. By changing the views of our politicians, fighting cuts to protective services, and demanding updated medical standards, we can make a big difference for ourselves, our children, and our world. Together, we can fight to free our bodies of toxins like: · Phthalates · Formaldehyde and BPA/BPH · Fracking chemicals · Carcinogens · Heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium · Coal ash · Nuclear waste and radionuclides · Radon · Fluoride and fluorinated compounds · Pesticides · Air pollutants like ozone · Particulate matter and methane
  • Toxins Can Cause Disease
    The evidence is mounting! Toxic chemicals are being increasingly tied to the development of a range of conditions, including: · Cancer · Autism · Asthma · Fibromyalgia · Chronic fatigue syndrome · Developmental and learning disabilities · Chemical sensitivities · Other environmental-related conditions. Even small amounts of these toxins can, over a long period of time or at a critical period of development, cause irreversible damage to our minds and bodies. The only solution is a long-term plan for environmental control and detoxification. Aside from fighting disease, you can also save money on medical bills, save time, reduce symptoms, and reduce medication dependency.
  • Chemicals Exacerbate Pre-Existing Disease
    Toxins are pro-oxidants; they battle our anti-oxidants on a cellular level, causing pre-existing conditions to be exacerbated and healing to be prolonged. The only solution is to eliminate these toxins through environmental control measures.
  • Toxins Can Hide From Doctors
    Sometimes, for all their good intent, medical professionals are at a loss for explaining a worsening condition. Tests are negative. Results are normal. Still, you know something is wrong. Luckily, you haven’t exhausted all of your options until you’ve had a full environmental health screen. Not only will this help you identify risk factors in your environment, but also help you learn how to control them.


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